Sunday, October 18, 2015


I feel like through all of this my mindset has been something I have done a really great job of controlling, harnessing if you will. In the beginning it was very overwhelming (obviously). Something that I consciously did that I think was very helpful, was I made the decision to only allow what I could handle into my frame of mind. There was so much research to be done, and things to be processed, and thoughts to be had. But I sort of turned my brain down a notch, and only allowed a couple things in at once, to be processed, and then put away in my brain. I tried to keep my thoughts organized and well sorted, sort of like moving into a new house. I didn't unpack all the boxes at once. I opened a box, put the stuff away, and when I was ready, I got another box and did the same thing. I feel like I'm about halfway moved into this imaginary house, but I feel good about where my thoughts are going. I know this is a long haul, and I know that it will take a lot of willpower to stay positive and keep my thoughts harnessed and going in the right direction. The good news? I am surrounded by tons of positive people, with so much love and encouragement to give. So when I need it? I'll have that support, I know it. And for now? I'm doing my best to keep it all under control. Because that's just the way I work I guess.


  1. You encourage me with your positive thinking and control of your thoughts. This will carry you where you need to be. I'm praying for your speedy healing. (I'm an old acquaintance of Karen and Ty.)