Saturday, March 8, 2014

"It's Not An Adventure Until Something Goes Wrong."

It's been a interesting week! We always say "It's not an adventure until something goes wrong." and boy has that been the case. Today is the first day we've had water since Wednesday, on top of iffy power, and hosting the upriver middle school basketball tournament. We had about 6 teams staying at the school, with the whole community spending a lot of time at the school, as well as school in session and the entire community only had water with minimal pressure for about an hour per day, and the school only had water that was brought in with trash cans. We still had fun though, and on Friday it was an early release day. We celebrated all of the craziness by leaving our desks pushed to the side of the room (a team spent the night sleeping on our floor), I ordered my students to use their winter gear to make nests, and we watched a movie and ate popcorn.  

On Wednesday we went outside and played soccer in the snow. SO much fun.

Max's boys got 2nd in the tournament, and the girls got 3rd. They played well, and had a blast hosting the tournament and playing in front of their home crowd. 

Today the sun is out, so we spent some time walking around, running errands, and I got my new iPhone camera lenses in the mail today, so I got to test them out!

Fish Eye Lens: Even makes our dirty house look awesome! 

Spring is on the way, the trees are starting to bud! I can't wait for some more greenery around here! 

Macro Lens: So excited to spend more time trying that one out. 

Macro Lens: Birch tree

Wide Angle Lens: Tree carving

Macro Lens: The only flowers we've got around here are months old. 

Extreme Fish Eye Lens: Capturing my nest, where I laid in the sunshine and enjoyed the silence. 

"The Lagoon"

If you're interested in getting iPhone lenses, I read some reviews and the ones I bought are recommended and so far, I love them! You can find them HERE!

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