Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Lately.

Since I last blogged, my class has had its ups and its downs, I got sick for about a week and a half and spent 2 days trying to get into the clinic (I never got in), I got re-offered my contract for next school year, and I survived a Valentine's Day class party and my first Potlatch. 

We'll start from the top: 

Max and I went down to the river at sunset one night while the fog was lying
on the river, which apparently means it's going to get cold. 

Those branches out on the river are from when the Russian Orthodox
Father and some elders from the village blessed the river. 

The village, from the river. 

The Russian Orthodox Church and their cemetery. 
Then, I got sick, I laid on the couch for a week, and no pictures were taken. Jump forward to the middle of this week, and our heat went out (again) while it was around -10 outside.

We wore our camping gear in the house, and I ate breakfast in the morning in my
snow bibs. It got fixed by around noon the next day. 
The next day we did art in class, the students made each other Valentines with
water colors, and then after school I made each of them a Valentine also!
I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to do some painting! 

On Valentine's Day we spent all day talking about the party that was going to happen. They
were so excited they couldn't contain it, but they did hold off long enough to learn a bit about
global warming from our HS science teacher, and one of them will present this lab at the
regional science fair in a nearby village, and the winner there will go to Anchorage! 

One of my students was showing off her awesome rabbit fur hat, and on the back it had a tail! 

Our days have been much longer recently, and on top of that, we've got a
full moon that has been so gorgeous. Of course, a picture does it no justice.

Last night we went to our first potlatch. This potlatch is in memory of
someone in the community's "One Year" which is one year after the person
has passed. There were about 5 family names that put on the potlatch, and they
all presented gifts to people in the family of the man who had passed, and they
also give gifts to other people in the community. After they've done that, they
celebrate by doing Eskimo Dancing. 

This is one family presenting their dance. 

And another family

Here we are watching! 

And here are other people watching. The people in the front row are mostly elders and people
who came from other communities. 

More information about a Potlatch can be found HERE if you're interested. I read most of it, and it seems to be quite accurate as far as I know... 

Today we went out on the tundra, despite it being around -10. It was windy
and beautiful, but very cold. 

A 207 landing. 

All in all, things are going well up here! We miss home, and our families, and Beau, and our friends, but we are keeping ourselves busy. Max has been coaching, and traveling every so often for middle school basketball. He finished his grad school application for OSU Cascades in Bend, so we will have more information about that situation soon. We look forward to one day having a valentines day where we can do something special, but this year it wasn't in the cards. Maybe next year!

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