Saturday, February 1, 2014

Exit Strategy: Adventure

When the school year ends on May 16th I can only imagine the amount of wanderlust that will be filling our veins, so in order to keep ourselves sane, we've planned our next adventure (and bought the tickets).

First, we will fly out of Pilot on May 20th-ish (those tickets aren't bought yet) to Anchorage.

While in Anchorage we will adventure around, visiting Todd's cabin near Denali, and visiting the cities near Anchorage like Girdwood and Palmer... That part isn't completely hashed out yet, but that's sort of how we roll.

But THEN on June 2nd we board the Kennicott on the Alaska Marine Highway-

Whittier > Yakutat > Juneau > Ketchikan > Bellingham 

Weeee! I'm so incredibly excited! It doesn't hurt that I've always wanted to visit Southeast Alaska, and we get to stop in some amazing towns along the way! I'm sure the views won't be terrible either... Here's a google image looky-loo... 

Long story short, we will be back in Oregon on June 7th! 

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