Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Washi Tape

I have a new obsession, and I think every crafty teacher should get on board: WASHI TAPE.
I am able to use it for so many different things, and it looks good too! It wears well, the kids think it's the coolest thing ever, and I am able to repurpose all kinds of ugly junk. Here are the things I have used it for thus far:

"The Pencil Problem"
Problem solved... I tape a flag on each students pen and pencil, that is their pencil to use for as long as that pencil lasts. At the end of the month, I give a prize to the students who have their pencils. Then I hand out new pencils with new flags to every student. Those who kept their old ones, now have 2 pencils to use.  This encourages them to keep track of them, and students who lose theirs can borrow from a cup of not so good pencils. 

I used this cute pink washi tape to repurpose an old Expo wipe jar, and I put white paper below to add the white contrast. The kids are so excited about these jars, but even more excited about what is in that "Mystery Jar". The "Mystery Jar" is a pinterest creation, reinvented. I have filled it with folded up post-its with different rewards on them, including "one piece of candy", "choose any spot in line", "Ms. Mumpower does an assignment for you" ect...

I have used it in front of each students desk, so that they don't sneak toward me as
 the day progresses. I can just ask them to line their desks up with their lines.
I can also dismiss rows by the color of their tape. 

I have used it to decorate an ugly box, and now it's a pretty box used for journal
prompts for early finishers to work on. 

It is used to decorate clothes pins for passes. Because they are used so much, I added scotch
tape over top to help with cleanliness and wear and tear. 

Each student has a clip that moves up and down the chart throughout the
day. The clips have worn very well this year, and are still looking good. 

I buy it on amazon, and I just bought this package because I was running out:
Washi Tape on

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