Friday, January 17, 2014

Back At It.

We're back to the daily grind, and everyone is back in the groove. My students have been very good, I was pleasantly surprised by how much they remember, and how easily they are adjusting to new routines. 

Last weekend we finally walked out on the Yukon (Max was scared out of his mind) and it was awesome! SUPER windy, VERY cold, but beautiful none-the-less. 

My eyelashes froze, and then froze together which really inhibited the view. 

The week passed without much craziness, other than the icicle story which I think a few of you might be anticipating. While we were walking home one day this week, one of my students was in an interesting predicament: When he was trying to stab the girl with the icicle, he had a mob of kids yelling at him, and the fight was picked with three older girls. We ran over and Max grabbed him, I broke the icicle out of his hand, and while he was squirming, kicking, and screaming, Max told the girls to go away, and let him go about 30 seconds later. He ran down the hill, and through the trees we saw the girl standing there waiting for him. He ran up to her, and she drew back and punched him in the face and he just dropped to the ground screaming. When he realized that no one was watching and he didn't have an audience, he got up and walked off. Nothing became of it, just another day in the life of a 4th grader. 

Recently, the weather has turned wintry. Last night we got a good storm with a severe weather warning. The wind shook the house all night, and the snow was piling up outside. 

... and inside. 

This is how it looked outside as I walked to school this morning. We went from a couple of
inches of snow on the ground, to drifts that were above my knees. 

This that same trail, today after school. 

This is our house from the hill above, on my way home after school. 

The back door of the school was frozen shut and barricaded by a few feet of
snow this morning. 

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