Saturday, November 2, 2013

A list of things I miss, and other updates too

(In no particular order)

1. My dog

2. Cheap food
3. Beer
4. My family
5. Woahink
6. Fingernail polish remover
7. My Chacos

8. Temperatures above 30 degrees
9. The clothes I left behind
10. My pony
11. Fingernail polish remover

In other news…

Quarter 1 is done! Our conferences are on Monday, which means Monday and Tuesday are both short days! I haven't met many of my students parents, which means I sort of don't know what to expect but I hope that some of them show…
I also finally got a social studies curriculum, which is nice because I was really struggling teaching Alaska state history, having never been in Alaska and having never taken an Alaska state history class myself.

Overall, my classroom is getting a bit easier to manage. I've had some help from the administration, and the principal gave me the go-ahead to go super strict on my class. The first day that I implemented it, kids didn't believe that I was serious, and by the end of the day I had 5 kids that had been sent home. Since then though, they believe me and have been giving me a little more respect.

Speaking of respect, one of my students punched another student's mom this week.

Halloween was great, other than having to teach kids on the day when all they can think about is candy. But we made it through! The kids all dressed up at the end of the day, and then we did a parade through the school where the 6th graders picked up the 5th graders, and then they all came and picked us up, and then the parade continued through all the other classrooms (except through kindergarden, who the parade leader forgot about) and into the gym. There were judges who picked the best costume from each grade, and everyone took the kids pictures. It was QUITE cute.
Around 4:00 the kids started swarming up the hill toward teacher housing, where they knew they would get the most candy. We went through 3 bags of candy, and saw some pretty cute kids, and some pretty greedy adults who had their 1 year old asking for candy, and also had a bag of their own to fill (like the kids candy wasn't for them also…).

Max and I were ninjas. He made me a duct tape sword. 

Looking at the weather widget on the side of this blog, it says that it feels like 3 degrees out, despite the fact that it's really only 26 degrees. I believe it, I just walked to the post office and the dry cold air hurt my nose. Our mudroom is officially an arctic room now, as it is about 20 degrees colder than the rest of the house. Thank goodness we have 2 doors, to keep the house a little bit warmer. This week the weather report has a low of 10 degrees, and it's also supposed to snow quite a bit in the next few days. I think we're about to have snow (for the rest of the year) finally. The natives are very confused about why it's still not snowy out. They're tired of rain, and melted snow. I'm excited to see some real snow, and some actual snow build up. Maybe we won't have to go down quite so many stairs from our house to get outside!

We're into November now, so maybe my next post will be something about me being thankful… Who knows though :)

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