Thursday, July 18, 2013

Time Flies

Well, we now have 16 days until our departure. Our flights are booked, boy oh boy, it's spendy to get to the bush! I also sent out 8 boxes yesterday, and they should get there right before we do! The poor post office lady had to weight all of them (~ 30 pounds each, that wasn't cheap either...) and when I say boxes I really mean rubbermaid bins duct taped and zip tied together...
See ya when we get up there, big guys! 
I'm glad that's done, and I also finally sent off my pages and pages of paperwork for the school district, and also applied for my Oregon teaching license. Once that one is posted, then I can apply for my Alaska one... The clock is ticking, and I'm going to be cutting that one pretty close to the beginning of school. 

This week I've been helping out with a summer art camp in Florence and gathering ideas for my class. I'm in the process of getting it all written down, and when I do I'll post it on here for all you teacher-types to use in your classes next year if you're so inclined! 

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