Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changes are coming!

I got a call from a school district in Southeast (in between Juneau and Sitka) Alaska just a couple days ago asking to interview, and I immediately wished I hadn't already signed with Lower Yukon, as that area was initially much more desirable in my mind. I was given some advise not to disclose to anyone about this opportunity, and to interview like I was still available and then if I were to get offered another contract I could try and back out of my current one. I went with that for a couple days, but then felt really guilty and uncomfortable not being transparent with everyone so I let the Southeast School District know where I was standing, and I just talked to her on Skype. I decided that I shouldn't start off my career by stepping on any ones toes, and that I needed to stand by my decision. She was so helpful and supportive, and told me to keep her school district in mind in the future, so who knows what will become of that, but I am glad that I went with my gut instinct. So that makes it even more final, we're really headed to Pilot Station, and I am so happy that is what the decision came down to.

This week has been a bit hectic on top of all of that, I finished the school year at Walker on Friday, and it was so hard to say bye to everyone. On Saturday I turned in my last work sample, and once that was out of my hands it meant that I was really done with college. Then on Monday we had a potluck that served as a final meeting for our cohort, so except for graduation, it's good bye for a while to some, and probably goodbye forever to even more. At the potluck we had a talent show, and while in this program I have literally honed none of my talents, so I wrote a slam poem about my lack of "talent show talent". We also took lots of pictures, here's my favorite: 

It still hasn't hit me yet, and I'm sure it won't for a while... but on Saturday it's graduation! The whole family is coming down, and I am so excited to see everyone. Soon after graduation we will be packing up our lives, sending some of it to Alaska from here so that we don't have to riffle through it in Florence, and the rest of it is either getting sold or is going back to Florence. For the remainder of summer (until August 4th) we will be in Florence watching my moms place, while she's in Sri Lanka, and swimming at the lake. I am so incredibly excited for the future, and all of the sudden the future I have been dreaming about for so long is becoming my present. It's funny how that happens. 

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