Thursday, June 26, 2014

We're Back, For Good!

When I left Florence in the summer of 2009, I never thought I would return here for my "dream job", but it turns out I didn't know everything when I was 18.

This month has been a whirlwind of returning to Florence, planning our wedding, and getting that dream job I just mentioned.

I interviewed for a 5th grade position at Mapleton on Friday the 13th, after a full moon, but good thing I'm not too superstitious. It worked out in my favor, you could say... because now I'm a 5th grade teacher at Mapleton. My superintendent and principal was my 6th grade teacher, I will be teaching on a 4 day school week (Fridays off, except the occasional professional development day), they are introducing a brand new curriculum in language arts this year, that I happened to have already taught with last school year, and I have 12 students. No, that is not a typo... 12 students. When I left Pilot I had 15, and I thought it was the greatest thing on earth and that I would never have better numbers than that, but I am just incredibly fortunate I guess.

I've already got the keys to my classroom, and even though it started off a nasty puke yellow, I'm stoked because when I mentioned doing some painting I was told to ask for forgiveness later, rather than asking for permission. My walls are now grey and white, and all mine! I will be getting a brand new SMART board also (many of you know how happy that makes me)

Here are some pictures of my classroom before I did anything to it! I will post some pictures of the painting I've done once I get the second coat on.

Check out that awesome view! 

I know, I'm super teachery and weirdly obsessed, especially since it's not even August yet... I have no decent excuses, other than the fact that I might be avoiding wedding planning and diverting my energy to my classroom instead. The wedding planning is going fine though, I'm just sick of talking about it and obsessing over it (is it just me, or when someone is planning a wedding, that seems to be all people want to talk about?)

It's going fine, but wedding planning is sort of dumb. Everything is over priced, and there is far too much glitter and sparkle on anything remotely related to weddings. (p.s. my wedding dress doesn't have a single sparkle on it). 

Max is going to write an essay about how he doesn't want to GET married, he just wants to BE married. I feel the same way, but I think he can express it better than I can, and it's less weird for people to hear it from him because he's a boy. 

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  1. Nice transition from Alaska. I love that view from your new classroom. Hopefully mine will be adequate? I totally understand the wanting to be married not getting married. There is so much involved with the ceremony and all that. Do not overstress over the summer and relax! :) 38 days until I step off the plane in Anchorage.