Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let me tell you a few stories...

1. When I yell STOP, everyone stops.

This happens especially when kids threaten to stab each other with pencils, when kids charge each other, and when kids run away from me because I'm so scary. This happened on 9/9, 9/10, and 9/12 (most recently)

2. I bring kids to tears.

On a daily basis. I've had at least 2 kids in their cubbies in tears every day this week. I'm really mean, apparently. It's also very mean to not have time to help every kid, to assign homework, and to expect that kids do work in class. A combination of this and the sound of my voice makes them cover their ears and cry. (Did I mention I'm not very good at consoling crying kids?)

3. I sent 5 kids to afternoon detention today.

Thats right, 5. (I only have 18 kids in my class) and 3 other kids barely slipped off the list. Did I mention we had a pretty good day in 4th grade? Oh boy, we've got some talkers, some sleepers, some cryers, and did I mention, some cryers?

4. The best time to try and have a conversation with me is while I am teaching.

Especially if you're one of the kids I'm supposed to be teaching. NOT. Apparently kids think that the perfect time to start a conversation with me is when I am introducing new vocabulary words, or when I am working through a math problem on the board...

5. And the best way to get my attention?

Tug on my sleeve repeativily until I scream


Say "Ms. Mumpower, Ms. Mumpower, Ms. Mumpower, Ms. Mumpower, Ms. Mumpower!" until I scream

(and those are my 2 newest and BIGGEST pet peeves)

These kids are enthusiastic. Some about math, some about writing, most about basketball, almost all about talking, most about being very physical (pushing, pinching, punching...), and most about having my attention at all times.

Ohh boy

I'm a real teacher now, ladies and gentleman :)

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