Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's MY Classroom!

Well folks, 

It's all starting to come together! I just finished 2 days of training from 8 to 3:30 for our brand new reading curriculum on video conferences with the other 9 schools in the district. It's great that I don't have to leave Pilot to get that done, however, there is something that beeps about every 30 seconds in the room where the video conference is held... I might be borderline crazy. Even better though, I will be in the same room on video conference for our PBIS implementation for the next THREE days, also from 8 to 3:30.

Aside from all of that, I have learned a TON and I'm also starting to really make some headway in my room! It's not finished by any means, but the bulletin boards are done and my desk is clean!

Here are some pictures, however, I took them from my computer because I forgot my camera at home and it's raining... so all the words are backward. The teacher in me is leaving it that way so that you all can work your brain out a bit and try and read them anyway!

Word wall and awesome student work wall!
I've got 3 apple computers, 2 of which have power cords. 

Class jobs, student of the week, happy birthdays...
and my language arts and science curriculum! 

No repeated directions! (I WISH) Thanks to Teacherspayteachers.com!

I just made the flags, and I'm very proud :)

Calendar, behavior clip chart, and an explanation of student consequences...
Apparently I've got some kids who will need those consequences. when they throw desks.

SO proud of my clips- Clothes pins and washi tape! 

Here's the front of my cute little desk :)

My TV which will HOPEFULLY be replaced with a smartboard
by the end of the year.. and our class rules and my objectives :)

My supply cabinet which I have been advised to move because of sticky fingers...
but I'm stubborn, and I have faith. Maybe too much. 

Writing process clip chart which I am SO proud of. 

Cubbies with book files, and my exit ticket strategy,
"What stuck with you today?" and kids answer with post-its! 

Good luck reading all of those. But they're behind my desk.
Mostly pump-ups for me, rather than the kids... 

Me and my desk. I've been at the school for 12 hours now. 

My daily schedule! I am in charge of recess and PE.

When you enter this classroom... you are....

Welcome to my FIRST CLASSROOM!

I can't believe it's all mine... (for now) and soon I'll get to share it with 16 4th graders who are so excited and have been peeking in and tapping on my classroom window ALL week!

That's all for now, T-7 days until the kiddos come!


  1. Congratulations McKenzie!!! It looks so amazing. What is Yup-Ik? and Employability Skills and Alaska Land in Motion? Are those specific to the Alaska State Curricula?

    1. Thanks!
      Yup'ik is the native language in the village, and students must learn to speak it before graduating. Employability skills will just be used for things students need to learn to be employed because so many of the students never leave the village for extra training or college. Alaska Land in Motion is the social studies curricula I use to teach Alaska state history in 4th grade.